Parking and Transportation

Various transportation and parking options are available to visitors of The Hill.


Mt Adams is served by the Metro 1 route. The 1 connects downtown, Mt Adams and Walnut Hills and operates Monday-Friday, indicated by the green line. The blue pins are major stops on the route. 

Check the schedule for times. Fares are $1.75. You can pay with cash or through Metro’s Cincy EZRide app.


The maroon pins on the map above indicate a public parking lot or garage. 

These include a garage on the corner of St. Gregory and Monastery, a garage and lot at the Monastery Event Center, and parking near the Playhouse and Art Museum. 

There is also free on-street parking throughout most of Mt Adams, but it can be limited.

Biking and walking info

Red Bike

There is a Red Bike station in Eden Park (click on the maroon pin). This a great way to explore the neighborhood! You can return your Red Bike to any station in the system. 

Red Bike rentals costs $8 for 24-hour access. An annual pass is $80 and includes unlimited 60-minute rides.


Walking up to Mt Adams provides some of the prettiest views in the city. Click on the green routes above for more information.


Mt Adams is more accessible by bike than you might think. Click on the blue routes above for more information.