Parking and Transportation

Various transportation and parking options are available to visitors of “The Hill.”


Mt Adams is served by the Metro 1 route. The 1 connects downtown, Mt Adams and Walnut Hills and operates 7 days a week.

Major stops in Mt Adams include the Art Museum, Paradrome St. between Wareham Dr. and Louden St., and the corner of Parkside Pl. and Martin Dr.

Check the schedule for times. Fares are $1.75. You can pay with cash or through Metro’s Cincy EZRide app.


There is a public parking garage on St. Gregory St. across from UDF. On-street parking is also available.

The Monastery parking lot is free after 5 pm, Sunday – Thursday. You can also use the free parking lot at the corner of Ida St. and Art Museum Dr.

Biking and walking info

Red Bike

There is a Red Bike station in Eden Park at the intersection of Eden Park Dr. and Fulton Ave. This a great way to explore the park and Mt Adams, though be prepared to climb some hills! For the more adventurous, you can also ride your Red Bike downtown or uptown and return at any station in the city.

A Red Bike costs $8 for 24-hour access (each ride up to 60 minutes). An annual pass is $80 and includes unlimited 60-minute rides.


Mt Adams can be easily reached on foot from downtown and Over-the-Rhine, as long as you are willing to climb a few steps. Click on the green routes above for more information.


It’s not for everyone, but Mt Adams is more accessible by bike than you might think. Click on the blue routes above for more information.