The Grapevine


Mount Adams publishes a robust and informative community newsletter, The Grapevine, four times annually.  The Grapevine covers a wide variety of news topics and is must-reading for all who live, work, or play in Mount Adams.

The Grapevine is printed and delivered to all known Mount Adams residents, free of charge.  If you live in Mount Adams and have not been receiving The Grapevine, please contact us to be added to the mailing list.

If you no longer live or work, or have never lived or worked, in Mt Adams, but would like to have our quarterly newsletter mailed to your home/place of business:


Annual subscription to the Grapevine

Links to PDFs of the newsletters:

Grapevine • Summer 22     Grapevine • Spring 22

Grapevine • Winter 21     Grapevine • Fall 21     Grapevine • Summer 21     Grapevine • Spring 21

Grapevine • Winter 20    Grapevine • Fall 20    Grapevine • Summer 20     Grapevine • Spring 20

Grapevine • Winter 19     Grapevine • Fall 19     Grapevine • Summer 19     Grapevine • Spring 19

Grapevine • Winter 18     Grapevine • Fall 18     Grapevine • Summer 18     Grapevine • Spring 18

Grapevine • Winter 17     Grapevine • Fall 17     Grapevine • Summer 17     Grapevine • Spring 17

Grapevine • Winter 16     Grapevine • Fall 16     Grapevine • Summer 16     Grapevine • Spring 16

The Grapevine depends heavily upon guest contributors for content and upon advertisers for funding. If you are interested in contributing content or posting an ad, please contact Sue Zimmerman at or M’ellen Horrigan at  Deadlines for contributions are February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.